Nodare Bowline Choker - Gold Plated Brass

Nodare Bowline Choker - Gold Plated Brass

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The beauty of one of the most essential knots aboard in a statement choker. Bowline comes from Middle Low German 'bōlīne' and Middle Dutch 'boechlijne' which means 'ship's bow' and 'line'; this knot is called 'As de guía' in Spanish, 'Nœud de chaise' in French, 'Gassa d'amante' in Italian, 'Lais de guia' in Portuguese, 'Καντηλίτσα' (kandilitsa) in Greek... In English, its name takes us to the early age of sail, when a bowline was the rope that held the edge of a square sail towards the bow of the ship and into the wind. A metaphor of the strength of our ties to the sea that draws an elegant line around your neck. 

Part of Nodare collection, its name comes from Latin, meaning ‘to knot’, ‘to tie.’ Heritage is at the core of this collection, which deepens into the strong relationship among people and the sea resulting in a community that has a common legacy and tradition across the globe.

A dialogue through the light which speaks of a union in search for a balance between natural medium and constructed culture.

Nodare Bowline Choker is handcrafted and available in gold plated brass.

Size: length 330 mm; width 150 mm,  thickness: 4 mm, approximately.


    • Brass: 50,00 g approximately.

Percentage of metals:

    • Gold Plated Brass: 100% brass + 5 micron gold plated.

Origin: Handcrafted in Spain.

How to wear it: A statement piece with a night dress for an event or perfect for your daily looks with a shirt and jeans. 

Combine it with: Any of the pieces from Nodare will enhance your look.

* Please notice this piece is delicate and rigid. To wear it, place one end in the thinner part of your neck and ove the other end along your neck until it fits. Then place it with both ends at the back of your neck or in front of it, laying on your collarbone. It is a rigid piece, please do so evenly with both hands around your neck. To take it off, please reverse previous steps.

* Each piece is handmade locally, so that its appearance and size may vary slightly. 

Due to sustainability reasons, we have a limited stock, so most pieces are made to order, please allow 21 working days for delivery. If you need your order sooner, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.