Slow Living and Jewelry

“Why has the pleasure of slowness disappeared?”

Milan Kundera

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enjoying the moment, sharing life with your family and friends, being present, seeing beauty around you, appreciating details… Slow living has many facets, and all are important. It means a different mindset, looking at the world with different eyes, feeling with mind and heart. For us, it involves:

  • A lifestyle choice.
  • Appreciation of each moment in life.
  • Sensory experiences present every minute.
  • Quality and timeless experiences or goods, aside trends and mass consumption.
  • Holistic mindset, balanced life and emotional intelligence.

In slow life, reflection and action have a deeper meaning, words and experiences are full of new nuances. Words can make a difference to perceive everything around us. Some of them echo slow living: silence, nature, eternity, music, family, inspiration, beauty, simplicity, serenity, friends, art, senses, happiness…   

When we think about slow living, we think about experiences that make our life fuller and more enjoyable. We cannot feel all of them every day, but we enjoy them in every opportunity and look for time to have them present in our lives. This could be part of our list:

Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.
Listening to the waves crashing on the beach, and the breeze among the poplars.
Walking in the forest.
Playing with shadows.
Sharing a meal with your family and friends.
Smelling the fragrance of jasmine bushes, mimosa trees, citrus plants, eucalyptus.
Cooking with spices and herbs.
Breathing in deeply the scent of petrichor.
Enjoying a rich conversation.
Learning something new every day.
Experiencing the marine breeze.
Playing with the waves or a mountain stream.
Forgetting about time while reading a book.
Listening to music with your eyes closed.
Tasting fresh ecological fruit and vegetables.
Dedicate time to art (practice or contemplation).
Laughing out loud.
Appreciating beauty.
Playing an instrument for hours.
Being curious about the world around you.
Contemplating nature.
Valuing the simple things in life.
Paying or practicing mindfulness.
Being grateful for what you have and enjoy.

    Aubarede 7 and slow living

    Slow living is embedded in our identity. Each design is conceived to last, going beyond seasons and trends. Each design takes time, involving conceptualization, definition of details and handcraft.

    We believe jewelry should be unique, and have a special meaning for the person wearing it. Every piece is made to bring back great memories for you, to inspire new ideas and contribute to your creative self.

    Slow living and jewelry are closely linked when every step in the process from the design of a jewel to the delivery to the customer is treated with care.

    • The design is timeless, conceived to echo your best experiences and your dreamt plans.
    • The materials are chosen from the most sustainable and fair sources, making a conscious choice for producers who work with recycled or fair-mined products.
    • Each piece is handcrafted, taking the necessary time to shape it into the final jewel. Each one is treated with care, with the idea of creating something exclusive and different.
    • The packaging is selected according to sustainability: reusability and recyclability.

    Jewelry conceived from slow living redefines the concept of luxury, away from mass consumption, and with pieces that go beyond adornment to be part of a fulfilling life.

    For you, what does slow living mean? Is it a way of life for you? How does it influence your choices?