Every piece of Aubarede 7 jelwery is made with care for you. Follow the tips below to make your jewelry last a lifetime.

Treat your jewelry with care. Protect it from scratching, falls, chemicals (creams, makeup, perfume…), sunlight, extreme temperature or sharp changes in temperature.

Check regularly fastenings/clasps and stone settings are in good condition.

Avoid wearing your jewelry when swimming, cleaning, practicing any sport, being in a spa or sleeping.

Store your jewelry immediately after wearing it. Keep pieces apart (individually) in a soft lined box or a bag with an anti-tarnish strip in a cool and dry area.

Tarnish may occur in your silver, gold-platted silver and brass pieces. To avoid this, use anti-tarnish strips or anti-tarnish jewelry bags.

Clean your jewelry with warm water and pH-neutral soap. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

Due to regular daily use, jewelry pieces may be damaged. We can evaluate its state and provide a free quotation for repair or recovery. We are not responsible for any defect caused by negligent use.