Aubarede 7 is born inspired by nature, travel and the nuances that make this life a reason for endless awe. In a constant search for beauty, her love for Art, and her background in environmental sciences and international relations made Beatriz Serrano create jewelry pieces inspired by the sea and her travels. 

Beatriz conceives jewelry as Art, where metal is sculpted by fire to reveal new creations.

Jewelry pieces are designed by Beatriz and handmade locally, either by her or from pieces selected in the natural world. Some other are made in wax and lost-wax casting.

Each piece of jewelry is created with care and attention to detail to be an enduring member of your most precious accessories.

Aubarede 7 is conceived as a sustainable brand. For this reason, its pieces are timeless and do not follow fashion seasons. They are thought to be worn at any occasion regardless the season or any trend. Jewelry is mainly made from recycled materials and the full cycle of a piece is environment-friendly. Ethics and commitment to a conscious lifestyle are embedded in every process in the brand.

Aubarede 7’s mission is “Bringing fulfillment to responsible consumers, styling through timeless sustainable aesthetics.” And we work actively every day to achieve it.