Consumption involves opting for some values instead of others, it means selecting some products and companies according to those values. Aubarede 7 has a strong commitment to sustainability. Here we describe what sustainability means for us.

We believe we can contribute to having a more sustainable world and we work to improve our products and processes continuously. We want to leave a better world and contribute to protecting nature.

Sustainability implies good practices in terms of selection of materials for our pieces and packaging. It also means a careful selection of providers and a design that puts sustainability at the core of the process. It is supporting ethical and fair practices, helping local providers and minimizing our environmental footprint.   


We select ethical materials as much as possible. Silver pieces are made of recycled silver and the material for brass pieces comes in a great part from recycled metal as well. Scraps are also collected and recycled to create new pieces.

As we believe in transparency, each product description includes a breakdown of the materials and their proportion, so that everyone can make a conscious selection.


We do not produce many pieces at a time in order to avoid overproduction. Overproduction is one of the most important environmental problems and we want to contribute to diminish it. This means your order can take from 7 to 21 days to be shipped. This timing also contributes to reduce impulse purchases, to make sure our customers are buying something they really want to last and be with them for a long time.


Our products are timeless and non-seasonal. Our designs can be worn in any season, there is no limit in an imagination who can reinvent a jewel for each occasion.  Buying an Aubarede 7 piece means an investment in timeless style.


We use organic bags which can be used to store your jewelry or for any other purpose. We also use recyclable boxes which could be reused.

Our shipping bags are made of recycled paper and the mailing sleeve is compostable.