The Sea of Aubarede 7

A forgotten surname, a heritage from another era, the love for nature and art. A metallic reflection on the skin, a sea of Werner’s azure, the perfect contour drawn by a wave, the subtle motion of coral, the sound of calm seas. Salty droplets on a warm day, your heartbeat rhythm before embarking on the next adventure.

Grandma’s jewelry box, a treasure hunt.
A blue glass marble, a rough aquamarine, a deep blue sapphire.
Echoes of marvelous creatures, dances of swirls, labyrinthine structures.
A route drawn on a map, challenging the limits, navigating the skies.
Melting metal, chaos, harmony and the place in between.

Images, perception and feelings underlying a concept where sea and art converge. The search for beauty, a reflection on existing lines, textures, creatures and stories to show the existing and the possibility, amalgamating dreams and reality.  

Experiences and memories that shape openness to new waves, trips, connections, friends, glow, landscapes, horizons…

Timeless ideas to create a space connecting with nature and the eternal, where tomorrow matters, sustainability is the way to think and pieces are handmade with care.

Contemplation and reflection to shape in metal a particular view of the sea, our life close to it and our relationship with the blue wholeness.