Thoughts on Corallia

"He washes his hands, after the victory, in seawater drawn for him, and, so that Medusa’s head, covered with its snakes, is not bruised by the harsh sand, he makes the ground soft with leaves, and spreads out plants from below the waves, and places the head of that daughter of Phorcys on them. The fresh plants, still living inside, and absorbent, respond to the influence of the Gorgon’s head, and harden at its touch, acquiring a new rigidity in branches and fronds. And the ocean nymphs try out this wonder on more plants, and are delighted that the same thing happens at its touch, and repeat it by scattering the seeds from the plants through the waves. Even now corals have the same nature, hardening at a touch of air, and what was alive, under the water, above water is turned to stone."

Ovid (Metamorphoses, IV, 740)

Waves on the horizon, light playing on the surface and traveling to the depths. An angelfish dances for a moment with the ray of light and adapts its shape to the sea current. Its movement takes us to the oasis, a submarine oasis. The colony of blue fascination, structure in branches. Movement, shape and beauty inspiring this collection, sea’s embrace.

Born as a remembrance of a submarine tale and brought by oneiric tides for you. Made from small pieces of coralline red algae or maërl, carefully handpicked from the beach, combined with lost wax casting, Corallia collection is a tribute to marine life and our sense of wonder in the sea world.

Inspired by the beauty of natural shapes, life and colors of coral reefs, all the pieces are an exercise to make you feel part of the reef while wearing them. As a member of the colony, its silhouettes lay on your skin and reflect the sun like in shallow waters. The light flows between your skin and your jewel creating shadows and drawing every contour with echoes from a crystal sea. Forged with fire to recreate the unity with marine life, the collection embodies the idea of conservation with a clear vocation for protecting the greatness of the ocean.

Intricate but serene, like drifting thoughts in a leisurely afternoon, the forms adapt to your body and make you hear the call of the mystery and allure of the ocean.