Corallia Speos Charm - Gold Vermeil Recycled Silver

Corallia Speos Charm - Gold Vermeil Recycled Silver

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The Charm Series belonging to Corallia collection is inspired by red coralline algae. Their surrealistic shapes are the origin of a series where your dreams and plans are represented in different charms. Each one is conceived to bring you inspiration for your life and as a reminder of your dreams. 

Speos comes from the word 'σπέος', which means 'cave' in Ancient Greek, due to its shape like the entrance of a cavern. Choose it for peace and equilibration in your life, if you want to feel secure and with the constant reminder and strength of your beloved ones.

Part of Corallia collection, its name comes from Latin, borrowed from Ancient Greek; it is the plural of corallium, meaning 'corals.' This name captures the strength of our natural environment, makes reference to scientific nomenclature in Natural History and reflects on our Mediterranean heritage.

Evocation of the serene presence of corals underwater, its art lies in forms and empty spaces playing to conform a continuum where the light slides softly.

Corallia Speos Charm is handcrafted and available in gold vermeil recycled silver, recycled silver, gold plated brass.

Size: length: 27 mm.


    • Gold Vermeil Recycled Silver: 2,80 g approximately.

Percentage of metals:

    • Gold Vermeil Recycled Silver: 100% recycled silver + 5 micron gold plated.

Origin: Handcrafted in Spain.

How to wear it: perfect for your daily life to wear it in your favourite chain or silk thread. 

Combine it with: Corallia Kyklos hoops or any of the earrings fro the collection for a touch of light in your daily look.

* Each piece is handmade locally, so that its appearance and size may vary slightly. This necklace is made from different pieces we select for you, so your jewel may differ from image, making each piece unique.

Due to sustainability reasons, we have a limited stock, so most pieces are made to order, please allow 21 working days for delivery. If you need your order sooner, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.