Navigatio Okeanos Choker - Gold Plated Brass

Navigatio Okeanos Choker - Gold Plated Brass

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Your trips, experiences and dreams in a strip of melted pieces of a map around your neck, an amulet for your adventures.

Navigatio collection takes its name from Latin, meaning 'navigation,' 'sailing,' 'voyage.' The three words echo the call to adventure, discovering new places and experiencing the life at sea.

Based on one of the routes Amelia Earhart planned for her flight to circumnavigate the globe, it evokes the promise of adventure following the path drawn by the light over lines and spaces. 

Navigatio Okeanos Choker is handcrafted and available in gold plated brass, recycled silver and gold vermeil recycled silver.

Size: length 310 mm; width 18-23 mm,  thickness: 15-22 mm.


    • Brass: 90,15 g approximately.

Percentage of metals:

    • Gold plated brass: 100% brass + 5 micron gold plating.

Origin: Handcrafted in Spain.

How to wear it: Versatile and unique, can be worn to any occasion. It is an statement piece so you can wear it to add boldness to your daily outfit or to an event to feel sophisticated and stylish.

Combine it with: Navigatio Pyxis earrings, Dromos and Pharos bracelets. It can also be worn by itself depending on the occasion.

* Each piece is handmade locally, so that its appearance and size may vary slightly, making each piece unique.

* Due to sustainability reasons, we have a limited stock, so most pieces are made to order, please allow 21 working days for delivery. If you need your order sooner, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.